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Below is a list of commonly asked and answered bail bond questions about our 24 hour service and the bonding process.  If you have additional questions or concerns as to how to post bail or how much bail money you will need, please give us a call.  We are a 24 hour operation, and can be reached at any time. Contact Ms. C Bail Bonds 24/7/365.

When it comes to getting someone bonded out of jail, prices can vary.  The state of North Carolina regulates bail fees, and the NC Department of Insurance states that the maximum fee that any bail bondsman located in the state of NC can charge is fifteen percent 15%.  If bail is set at $5,000 then the maximum charge could be $750, which saves you $4,250.  In some cases collateral may be required.  That is perfectly legal and should not be confused with bail money.  Once the cases at hand are finally over with, collateral will be returned or refunded.  Please don’t confuse the premium that you pay with collateral.  Bail Premium is non-refundable.  If we can help you, or for additional assistance regarding you questions about bail money, call us now.  We never close.

After your family or friend has been processed at your Local Jail or Detention Center, they will then face the Magistrate for the alleged charges.  During this time, a secured or unsecured bail, and bail amount is determined.  The bail bondsman has nothing to do with this process, nor does any bondsman impact this process.  After the bond amount has been set, if a Secured Bond, you have two options.  The most exercised option is to hire Ms. C. Bail Bonds, and we can help you out. Yet, another option is to pay the Entire Bond Amount to the Magistrates Office.  Using a bondsman you normally save yourself 85% of the bond amount.  Once a bondsman posts a bail bond, and the co-signer signs, the cosigner should be certain that the accused makes all of his or her court dates.  Once the case is finally disposed of, if any collateral was taken, it will then be returned.  That is an abbreviated version of the process by which someone may be locked up and released from jail in North Carolina.  This process may vary slightly from city to city, but the general concept remains intact.)

Yes, while the most costly option is to pay the Magistrate of the Courts the full amount of the bail, in some cased people find it in their best interest to do so.  You would have to contact the Magistrates Office directly to initiate, and exercise this option.  A Bondsman is not needed, or allowed to assist with means of securing bail using this method.  However, we are always available for questions regarding posting bail.  Call us at any time.

As cosigner on a bond with Ms. C. Bail Bonds, you will be responsible for making sure that the Defendant appears at all of his/her required court dates.  This applies for both, District and Superior Court cases.  Sometimes, court cases can extend for months, and rarely, years.  It is ultimately your duty as cosigner to be certain that if the Defendant misses court, or flees, to help the Bonding Company locate the fugitive.  The worst case scenario is that you, the co-signer will be responsible to the Bail Company for any damages or losses resulting from the defendant not appearing in court.  We suggest that you only sign for people whom you can trust, and normally family, friends, or co-workers.  Let us help you today.

The time it takes to complete the bail bonds process varies from jail to jail.  In my years of bonding, I’ve seen wait times as short as 15 minutes, and as long as several hours.  This all depends on the jail or detention facility and how quickly they process inmates.  I might add that our company can process and deliver the necessary documents to have someone released from jail in less than 30 minutes.  Beyond that, the process is out of our hands.  We do guarantee all of our clients that we value your time like it’s ours.  We understand that, and they why we offer expedient bail bond services to satisfied families throughout North Carolina.

Bail Bondsmen are licensed at a state level, which means we are licensed to get people out of jail anywhere within the state of North Carolina.  By way of our national network of bail agents nationwide, in many case we’ve even helped clients secure bail in different states.  Call to find out if we can help you.  We have offices in Duplin County (Warsaw, NC), as well as Johnston County (Smithfield).  We have satellite offices, and offer mobile services to better serve you no matter where you may need help within the state of North Carolina.  Don’t wait. Give us a call.